Another point of view on environment

In may 2013, ADF  set up in Berkane a cartoon workshop, focusing on the plastic bags issue. 17 young people could take part in this chance to give their impression on the environmental situation of their hometown.

1st session: contextualization

Emmanuelle Pannetier, Environmental Education Manager for ADF and Elise Vanweydeveldt, Communications Manager, went to Ibn Rochd Secondary School to meet the budding artists, aged 5 to 13.

The young people learnt how much time it took for a plastic bag to desintegrate into the soil. After having talked about the association’s solution to plastic pollution, the debate could begin.

Banderole sacs


2nd session: let’s draw! 

Jean-Michel Vanweydeveldt, graphic designer and cartoonist in the North of France, hosted the workshop. He is used to that: he organized some with schools and specialized centers in his region. But Morocco was a first.

The kids began to imagine a scenario. If the theme was set (plastic pollution), they did not lack ideas to turn it their way.

1 - 1ère séance dessins préparatoires scénario (26)

Their plot: a plastic monster attacks Berkane, the Clementine’s capital! They choose to make ADF intervene and help them struggle against the giant. The first sketches were drawn during this 2.5 hours session. How to draw a plastic bag monster? And a city? Not very easy at first sight…

3rd session: drawing techniques and hard working

The cartoonist had worked on his side, to gather the kids’ ideas into a 2-pages cartoon. The young people then had to realize the final drawings.

First with a drawing pencil, then with a thin black felt pen, they had lots to do! The bullets were not filled: the texts was added on computer, so that we could have both an Arabic and French version.

3 - 2ème séance dessins finaux et contours (15)


4th session: coloring plastic bags

5 - colorisation (7)

The last session took part without the cartoonist, who had come back to his grey France. The young Moroccans added the color to their drawings on computer. It was not easy to agree on which color to choose on the 4 different parts of the cartoon!

All in all, 10 hours were necessary to create those 2 pages. But the result is worth it.

We are sorry, the cartoon is only available in Arabic and French.

3 - 2ème séance dessins finaux et contours

Thanks to everyone for this special workshop!

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Children & storks

This week-end, to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, ADF invited children to observe Berkane’s white storks.

Observation des cigognes

An important group has chosen to settle in the core of the city, to build its nests and raise its babies. The association APROCIB, chaired by Mr Chemlali organized this event together with ADF. 5 children from eco-families wanted to join. 7 others who were just passing-by also stopped, together with grown-ups attracted by the formed group. Equiped with binoculars, they could observe the storks, busy to feed their new-borns. Indeed, there’s work to do: a baby-stork remain about 2 months in the nest, and need about 5 000 mice to grow up !


Thanks to its geographical situation, Morocco shelters 2 white stork populations:

  1. A wintering ont coming from Europe, via Gibraltar strait
  2. A breeding population, from Africa, whose evolution is alarming

Men and their activities put more and more at risk those places, directly or not.  It becomes urgent to protect the natural spaces that storks choose to make a break in their long journey. Their survival depends on how we manage to protect every stop on their path, which provide them with food, rest and nests.

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Dar al Amal, urban center for young people and sustainable development in Berkane

The Association du Docteur Fatiha started its activities back in 2008. After only 5 years implementing its programs, ADF scales up. The project: build an urban center, dedicated to a green and social economy. 


Legallais Foundation decided to support our project and will fund the very 1st part of it: the case study and the drawings realization. With this first backer, the project can be launched!

Named “Dar al Amal”, which means House of Hope in Arabic, the center will actively create green jobs and spread an ecological culture.


Morocco and the Eastern region, have to deal with a major employment issue. Young people have troubles finding jobs, even when graduated. However, so many things can be put in place here. The environmental situation is alarming.

Our solution

Every single young person should be part of the improvement of his city or community. In Berkane, they lack a personal support for them to create and manage their project. ADF wishes to build the capacities of young people willing to act, especially those from impoverished background.

The green center will create direct jobs (from the construction, center staff) and indirect ones (young project initiators, women benefiting from revenue-generating activities).

The construction

A Eau

Dar al Amal will be built on a former landfill, set in the heart of an impoverished area, “Douar ell Mika” (the “neighborhood of plastic bags”).

This building will be a model of green architecture, in its construction but also in its management: energy savings, renewable energies, water management…

The architecture and materials from Berkane will be associated to sustainable and innovative construction methods, to international standards in eco-design. Recycled materials will be used as much as possible in the building, the design and interior furniture.

Using resources that can be considered as “waste” will pave the way to new building techniques, greener and more adapted to a sustainable development.

ADF wants to involve young people and local craftsmen in the center construction, for them to master new know-hows and to be able to transpose them.

The center’s ingredients

The building will be divided into several sectors, dedicated to specific activities:

•the meetings between involved populations;
•the support to young project initiators;
•cultural events on environmental issues;
•the research for good environmental-friendly practices;
•trainings to revenue-generating activities based on recycling processes;
•ecological leisure…

Plan Dar al Amal

1. Offices and incubator

to host young Moroccan entrepreneurs, acting for sustainable development and social and solidarity economy

2. Community Center, lab for green ideas

It will provide the populations with work spaces, a library, free internet access. ADF will lead research to develop revenue-generating activities (for impoverished rural women) and bring alternatives to ecological issues of the region, as plastic bags pollution. ADF will also organize plenty of events to raise-awareness among young generations to environmental issues (workshops, debates, movies castings, etc.).

3. Organic café

which will also serve as a sales area for our handicraft products

4. Bed and Breakfasts

to promote eco-tourism the region and host regular projects visitors (designers), or artists

5. Public child-care center

6. Park and educational vegetable garden

7. Administration

8. Housing for staff

Dar Al Amal will quickly become an unavoidable place for community service and for social and green economy in Berkane and in the whole region.

 It will also be a place where an alternative vision of leisure and environmental protection can be born.

To put in place the foundation stone, we need you!

To help ADF fund Dar al Amal construction, we need every single one of you. To give young Berkanis a chance to commit themselves to their city and their community. To support women’s work and empowerment. To bring a global response to the environmental issues of the region, especially the proliferation of polluting waste. To give the will to build differently, more efficiently, more environment-friendly. To bring hope to a city that is falling asleep on its misery.

logo GirltankTo give 25$ or 1.000, connect to Girltank

You can’t? Support our project differently, in sharing the information.

In the name of all those young people and women from Eastern Morocco, who need an open door, THANKS!

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Check out our new project !

Faiza Hajji and the Association du Docteur Fatiha launched a their new project to spread their outreach in Eastern Morocco.

How would you react, if we told you that it’s possible to combine organic cultivation, social and green entrepreneurship, eco-tourism and awaireness-raising campaigns to environmental issues? For sure, you’d support us !

Let’s have a look at our brand-new video, to check out this project !


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Olive trees for the schoolyard

On the 21st of March, to celebrate the International Day of  Forests, the Association du Docteur Fatiha went to Chouihiya for a tree-planting

In Chouihiya, the schoolyard is rather barren. Children don’t have so many shadow to protect them from the Moroccan sun. ADF decided to solve the problem.

18 olive trees ware planted in the schoolyard, with the children’s help

About 40 pupils helped us planting the young trees. Dispatched into small groups, they could take care of one tree fro A to Z.

For the cildren to better understand and take care of trees

This action took place in the framework of a larger awareness-raising campaign, that ADF leads in Eastern Morocco. Every month, our team visit 6 schools of the region to talk about environmental issues. Last month, it was about recycling. This time, Emmanuelle Pannetier, Project Manager, and Sabah Ouali, Local Coordinator, wanted to focus on forests. What can a tree be used for? What is it composed of? The motto was : a better comprehension for a better protection.

Dans la classe

The Association du Docteur Fatiha wants to thank Chouihiya’s teachers and principal for their help, as well as el Wafae nursery, in Zaio, who gave us the young trees.

More information :

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Eco-friendly gestures for children to take care of their environment

It is essential for ADF to involve new generations in the protection of their environment. As tomorrow’s adults and actors, they should know more about the impacts of  people on nature and how to guard it against deteriorations.

This is why the Association du Docteur Fatiha built meaningful partnerships with schools in Berkane and Chouihiya, both located in Eastern Morocco.

Emmanuelle Pannetier, in charge of the sensitization project here, on the field, and Sabah Ouali, local coordinator, met almost 700 children this month. Each intervention lasts at least 1.30 hours. On the menu : go into more depth on environmental pollution and the risks which are related to it, as well as detail simple gestures to preserve nature.

All those interventions went well : the pupils are always curious and willing to learn more about environmental protection. They will meet our team for other workshops organized in the following months. The next encounter will happen at the end of March, for a recycling activity. Nothing is more fundamental than involving children into the learning process, for them to better understand the impact of their gestures on their daily-life and environment.

A quote to illustrate our approach : “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Know more : ADF also set up cleaning campaigns in Berkane’s schools. See the post.

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The Association du Docteur Fatiha organizes a cleaning campaign in Berkane

Pupils cleaning their school

During 2012, Marion Deballon, our local director, and Sabah Ouali, our local coordinator, made interventions in primary schools, like Imame Chatibi and Ibn Zaydoun, or in secondary schools, like Collège Al Qods.

Their purpose: raise awareness among the children and inspire them to protect their environment.

ADF is back in schools to reinforce its environment education. And it is made via games ! Next Tuesday (18th December 2012), they will be 48 pupils to take part in a cleaning campaign of their school.

After a presentation of our activities in Berkane, ADF teams and the children will clean the school, equiped with tee-shirts and gloves.

Every month, ADF’s team will organize activities in Berkane schools (recycling workshops, cleaning campaigns…) for children aged between 9 and 10.

By the end of the year they should have a better understanding of the connections between environmental protection and their quality of life. In Berkane, notably in “Douar el mika” (the plastic bags neighborhood), waste management is a very sensitive issue. It is thanks to the new generations that the situation may evolve in the future.


Those actions are incorporated with the framework of a larger objective : support sustainable development policies and projects, and back up women’s work, for them to improve their living conditions. 

The Association du Docteur Fatiha has been acting since 2008 in Eastern Morocco to favor :

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Emmanuelle Pannetier, in charge of this project for ADF.

Tél : +212 5 36 23 17 40

GSM : +212 6 15 66 99 52

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