Eco-families ? 

They are families of Berkane who decided to contribute actively to our activities. They collect plastic bags at home and from acquaintances for our craftswomen to get the required materials to produce fashion accessories.

Today, ADF already collects plastic bags in 6 schools of the region, in several dry-cleaners and drugstores, and in more than 10 eco-families. We are actually working on the strenghening of our collecting network.  New schools and dry-cleaners will be joining the network by the end of June.


Collecting plastic bags is fundamental for ADF to provide carftswomen with the raw material they nee. ADF bring them the bags, once cleaned in its offices of the 81 rue Zehroun.

You’re from Berkane and also want to bring us plastic bags? Here are the collecting spots or come to visit our offices !

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Plastic bags collecting spots

You’re living in Berkane or its surroundings and you want to be part of the cleaning-up of your region? Collect and bring your used plastic bags to our collecting spots (you can see the list below). Feel welcome to step-by at our offices ; we’ll be honored to show you what we are doing with your colored plastic bags !

1. Schools :

  • Schools in Berkane : Moulouya, Al Massira, Ibn Zaydoun, Imam Chatibi, Salmane el Farissi
  • Primary school in Chouihiya

2. Drugstores :

  • Ouartass, Bachir, Rigad

3. Dry-cleaners :

  • Moulouya, Andalous, Alif Lam, El Wafae

Collecting plastic bags is very fundamental for us to provide the women with raw materials. ADF cleans them and bring them to our craftswomen.

Thanks a lot !


 Carte des points de collecte - ADF

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