Who are we?

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Created in 2008, the Association du Docteur Fatiha (ADF) is a Franco-Moroccan NGO. ADF has established as its main objective the promotion of environment protection while empowering women through work and access to education.

On the field, ADF acts daily in favor of :

The Association du Docteur Fatiha promotes craft cooperatives, starting with the product development to the marketing phase. ADF emphasizes an accurate capacity-building of workers along with an improvement of their understanding of the necessity of integrating an environmentally-friendly approach.

In order to deepen its outreach in Morocco, ADF organizes motivation and literacy campaigns in cooperatives to improve women managerial skills and social inclusion. We also support children’s schooling, for boys and especially girls.

ADF works in a pretty alarming ecological context. In order to improve people’s understanding about environmental issues, ADF is engaged in cleaning campaigns, waste collection, recycling and re-use of plastic bags, training programs and tree-plantings. Those activities take place on a regular basis in Berkane and in Eastern Morocco.

Young people should have the opportunity to act for their city and community. They sometimes lack a bit support to become changemakers. That’s what we want to help them become, through our new project: ADF wants to build an innovative urban center, dedicated to social and green economy.

 Thematic areas of intervention

The ultimate aim of all the actions put in place by the association is to hand the project over the beneficiaries.