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It is completely free!  It embodies your moral backing of our daily actions and of the values we defend here in Morocco, or through our ethical and ecological items, all over the world.

  • Make a donation

1. A material donation: ADF organizes lliteracy courses for its craftswomen and supports their children’ scholarship, in order to brighten their future. That’s why we always need notebooks, schoolbags, pens, etc. Because ADF targets impoverished populations, we may also need sports or small equipments for the children to play games.

2. Monetary: to support financially our activities, please contact us!
  • Volunteer
1. In Morocco: we are looking for Moroccan volunteers to help us spread the word about environment. Environmental education takes time, and if we want to reach more pupils in new partnering schools, we will need more people! Interested by this professional experience? Write an email to Sabah Ouali :
2. In France: you have skills and want to use them for a good cause? Accounting, marketing, webdesign, project management, etc. Do not hesistate to contact us and talk about this.


ADF is always looking for new partnerships with structures which share our core values. If you want to discuss it with our teams, contact us.


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