Children & storks

This week-end, to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, ADF invited children to observe Berkane’s white storks.

Observation des cigognes

An important group has chosen to settle in the core of the city, to build its nests and raise its babies. The association APROCIB, chaired by Mr Chemlali organized this event together with ADF. 5 children from eco-families wanted to join. 7 others who were just passing-by also stopped, together with grown-ups attracted by the formed group. Equiped with binoculars, they could observe the storks, busy to feed their new-borns. Indeed, there’s work to do: a baby-stork remain about 2 months in the nest, and need about 5 000 mice to grow up !


Thanks to its geographical situation, Morocco shelters 2 white stork populations:

  1. A wintering ont coming from Europe, via Gibraltar strait
  2. A breeding population, from Africa, whose evolution is alarming

Men and their activities put more and more at risk those places, directly or not.  It becomes urgent to protect the natural spaces that storks choose to make a break in their long journey. Their survival depends on how we manage to protect every stop on their path, which provide them with food, rest and nests.

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A crowdfunding campaign for Dar al Amal

Today, it’s the kick-off of our first crowdfunding campaign.

You need everyone to share our informations and help us fund our ambitious project, which will revolutionize green and social entrepreneurship in Berkane and in Morocco !

Stay tuned and have a look at this :

Dar al Amal EN

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The Association du Docteur Fatiha organizes a cleaning campaign in Berkane

Pupils cleaning their school

During 2012, Marion Deballon, our local director, and Sabah Ouali, our local coordinator, made interventions in primary schools, like Imame Chatibi and Ibn Zaydoun, or in secondary schools, like Collège Al Qods.

Their purpose: raise awareness among the children and inspire them to protect their environment.

ADF is back in schools to reinforce its environment education. And it is made via games ! Next Tuesday (18th December 2012), they will be 48 pupils to take part in a cleaning campaign of their school.

After a presentation of our activities in Berkane, ADF teams and the children will clean the school, equiped with tee-shirts and gloves.

Every month, ADF’s team will organize activities in Berkane schools (recycling workshops, cleaning campaigns…) for children aged between 9 and 10.

By the end of the year they should have a better understanding of the connections between environmental protection and their quality of life. In Berkane, notably in “Douar el mika” (the plastic bags neighborhood), waste management is a very sensitive issue. It is thanks to the new generations that the situation may evolve in the future.


Those actions are incorporated with the framework of a larger objective : support sustainable development policies and projects, and back up women’s work, for them to improve their living conditions. 

The Association du Docteur Fatiha has been acting since 2008 in Eastern Morocco to favor :

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Emmanuelle Pannetier, in charge of this project for ADF.

Tél : +212 5 36 23 17 40

GSM : +212 6 15 66 99 52

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