Children & storks

This week-end, to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, ADF invited children to observe Berkane’s white storks.

Observation des cigognes

An important group has chosen to settle in the core of the city, to build its nests and raise its babies. The association APROCIB, chaired by Mr Chemlali organized this event together with ADF. 5 children from eco-families wanted to join. 7 others who were just passing-by also stopped, together with grown-ups attracted by the formed group. Equiped with binoculars, they could observe the storks, busy to feed their new-borns. Indeed, there’s work to do: a baby-stork remain about 2 months in the nest, and need about 5 000 mice to grow up !


Thanks to its geographical situation, Morocco shelters 2 white stork populations:

  1. A wintering ont coming from Europe, via Gibraltar strait
  2. A breeding population, from Africa, whose evolution is alarming

Men and their activities put more and more at risk those places, directly or not.  It becomes urgent to protect the natural spaces that storks choose to make a break in their long journey. Their survival depends on how we manage to protect every stop on their path, which provide them with food, rest and nests.

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