4 facts to know about ADF

It’s time to take stock on ADF’s activities for the past few years.

125 000 plastic bags have been recycled

Plastic bags that have been collected and then cleaned

Plastic bags that have been collected and then cleaned

 2  4 cooperatives of impoverished women have been trained to our special weaving technique

This represents more than 100 rural women

Training in Chouihiya, Morocco

Training in Chouihiya, Morocco

3  350 children have been sensitized to environmental issues between January and May 2013

Cleaning campaign, Ibn Zaydoun

Cleaning campaign, Ibn Zaydoun

4  2 collections of fashion accessories have been designed

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Banderole sacs

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Plastic bags collecting spots

You’re living in Berkane or its surroundings and you want to be part of the cleaning-up of your region? Collect and bring your used plastic bags to our collecting spots (you can see the list below). Feel welcome to step-by at our offices ; we’ll be honored to show you what we are doing with your colored plastic bags !

1. Schools :

  • Schools in Berkane : Moulouya, Al Massira, Ibn Zaydoun, Imam Chatibi, Salmane el Farissi
  • Primary school in Chouihiya

2. Drugstores :

  • Ouartass, Bachir, Rigad

3. Dry-cleaners :

  • Moulouya, Andalous, Alif Lam, El Wafae

Collecting plastic bags is very fundamental for us to provide the women with raw materials. ADF cleans them and bring them to our craftswomen.

Thanks a lot !


 Carte des points de collecte - ADF

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A new cooperative joins ADF’s recycling project

Confirmed by the success of its historical cooperatives, the Association du Docteur Fatiha wants to broaden its outreach. A new cooperative joined the project. Located in Chouihiya, a rural village 30 kilometers away from Berkane, the women who are part of it are being trained. 

If they want to get an extra-revenue, the women living in Moroccan countryside do not have so many choices. To improve their standard of living and their families, it is hard, not to say impossible, for them to find a job. Most of them are illiterate and geographically isolated. Their universe means their home.

That’s why they granted our project a warm welcome. At the end of December, 47 women subscripted to the free training organized by ADF. The purpose of this training: in about 15 sessions, learn how to weave a local plant (alpha) together with plastic bags and create fashion accessories like bags or wallets.

Formation des artisanes à Chouihiya centre
Craftswomen training in Chouihiya

Jamaa Ouezhir, Training and Recycling Techniques Manager for ADF, has already given 9 courses of about 2.30 hours. The women who knew how to weave alpha before they joined the project are now able to manufacture some of our accessories.

With this brand-new cooperative, ADF’s activities spread a little bit more in Eastern Morocco region. Our goal before 2014: find, contact and train 2 more women’s cooperatives, to bring them a decent job and help improving their life standards.

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Decorate your home with ethical & design products !

In the framework of a partnership with the South Agency and the UNDP, the “Association du Docteur Fatiha” worked with more than 100 women from 7 different cooperatives in oasis of the Saharan Morocco. ADF helped them designing and marketing new palm tree weaving products.
We are very pleased to present you these wonderful tables, which can bring a design and hand-made touch to your interior decoration.

This table is made out of braided palm sheets assembled with a black wrought iron leg. Diameter 50cm. Sale price : 40€.

This table is made out of braided palm sheets assembled with a yellow wrought iron leg. Diameter 55cm. Sale price : 50€.

For more information about ADF’s partnership with the Southern cooperatives, click here.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to send a email to brenda.caurant@adf-global.org or phone her : +33 6 69 22 54 99.

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