Plastic bags collecting spots

You’re living in Berkane or its surroundings and you want to be part of the cleaning-up of your region? Collect and bring your used plastic bags to our collecting spots (you can see the list below). Feel welcome to step-by at our offices ; we’ll be honored to show you what we are doing with your colored plastic bags !

1. Schools :

  • Schools in Berkane : Moulouya, Al Massira, Ibn Zaydoun, Imam Chatibi, Salmane el Farissi
  • Primary school in Chouihiya

2. Drugstores :

  • Ouartass, Bachir, Rigad

3. Dry-cleaners :

  • Moulouya, Andalous, Alif Lam, El Wafae

Collecting plastic bags is very fundamental for us to provide the women with raw materials. ADF cleans them and bring them to our craftswomen.

Thanks a lot !


 Carte des points de collecte - ADF

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