Du nouveau !


Il se trame quelque chose chez IFASSEN …

A venir, une gamme de décoration d’intérieur ! IFASSEN investit votre intérieur en développant de nouveaux objets, toujours tissés de sacs plastiques par le merveilleux travail des artisanes. Corbeilles, guirlandes, abat-jour … Nous sommes en pleine préparation d’une collection qui verra le jour à la rentrée. Soyez prêts ! 

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IFASSEN à la 8ème Edition du Festival Rabat Africa !

Huitième Edition du Festival Rabat Africa organisé par la Fondation Orient Occident, du 17 au 21 juin 2014
Pour promouvoir la tolérance dans un cadre festif de partage et d’ouverture culturelle, Rabat Africa met l’Afrique à l’honneur. Les produits IFASSEN étaient exposés lors du défilé organisé par la Fondation Orient-Occident, pour accessoiriser les créations de Migrants du Monde, la coopérative de couture et de broderie de la Fondation. Nos ceintures, bandeaux et sacs ont rehaussé les boubous, tuniques, chamirs et robes cousus et brodés par les migrantes et marocaines en situation précaire de Rabat.
Ethique et féminines, des créations pour les femmes qui soutiennent les femmes.

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Come visit us !


Next Saturday, ADF team will run a stand in the French Insitute Open Day. A great occasion to meet us and discover our projects and IFASSEN ethical fashion items.

Mehdi Achour, ADF Director General in Morocco, Maud Laurencin, Development Manager and Elise Vanweydeveldt, Communications Manager, will be there from 10am to 6pm to tell you more about our green and ethical economy project in Eastern Morocco.

On this occasion, a collecting box will be installed to bring ADF’s craftswomen new discarded plastic bags!

Let’s meet in the French Institute (3 street Berkane, in Oujda) on the 5th of October 2013 !



Bannière cycle recyclage pour internet (RGB) BD

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ADF and IFASSEN, its ethical and ecological brand, may win the 1000 pioneers Price!

Newmanity, Shamengo and LHForum created the 1000 pioneers Price, in order to highlight the work of entrepreneurs and inventors of all kinds.

The Association du Docteur Fatiha decided to apply with IFASSEN, its ethical and ecological brand, made out of discarded plastic bags

To win the Audience Price, everybody can vote for the project of his choice, until the middle of November. ADF is counting on each of you to spread the word and vote to support the work that has been done in Eastern Morocco.

Voting is very quick ; after clicking on this link, you’ll have to give your first name, last name and email, for your vote to be taken into account.

Thank you !


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Decorate your home with ethical & design products !

In the framework of a partnership with the South Agency and the UNDP, the “Association du Docteur Fatiha” worked with more than 100 women from 7 different cooperatives in oasis of the Saharan Morocco. ADF helped them designing and marketing new palm tree weaving products.
We are very pleased to present you these wonderful tables, which can bring a design and hand-made touch to your interior decoration.

This table is made out of braided palm sheets assembled with a black wrought iron leg. Diameter 50cm. Sale price : 40€.

This table is made out of braided palm sheets assembled with a yellow wrought iron leg. Diameter 55cm. Sale price : 50€.

For more information about ADF’s partnership with the Southern cooperatives, click here.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to send a email to brenda.caurant@adf-global.org or phone her : +33 6 69 22 54 99.

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