Phase 1: ongoing!

The Association du Docteur Fatiha has been working on this for a while: Dar al Amal. Thanks to the support we got from Legallais Foundation, we can at least show you its content. 

ADF team in Morocco is buzzing. Legallais Foundation decided to support our brand-new project: building a big urban center, dedicated to a green and social economy. Named “Dar al Amal”, which means House of Hope in Arabic, the center will actively create green jobs and spread an ecological culture. Click here to know more about our project.


This corporate foundation, created in 2010, acts everyday to foster sustainable development and social responsibility. It was therefore delighted with our project and will fund its very 1st phase: feasibility study and drawings realization.

ADF launches the feasibility study

Mehdi Achour, General Director of ADF in Morocco and Elise Vanweydeveldt, Communications Manager, went to Fès on the 29th of April, to meet the architect team they are working with on this. Aziza Chaouni and Johann Petersmann could ask them plenty of questions about the way the center should be conceived. Built out of natural or recycled materials, the center aims at being a model of a smart, energetically efficient, environmental-friendly and cheap architecture.

Lancement étude faisabilitéAziza Chaouni, Mehdi Achour and Elise Vanweydeveldt

To put in place the foundation stone, we need you!

To help ADF fund Dar al Amal construction, we need every single one of you. To give young Berkanis a chance to commit themselves to their city and their community. To support women’s work and empowerment. To bring a global response to the environmental issues of the region, especially the proliferation of polluting waste. To give the will to build differently, more efficiently, more environment-friendly. To bring hope to a city that is falling asleep on its misery.

logo Girltank

To give 25$ or 1.000, connect to Girltank 

You can’t? Support our project differently, in sharing the information.

In the name of all those young people and women from Eastern Morocco, who need an open door, THANKS!

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